Cigarettes Duty free

Duty Free Cigarettes


Is selling Duty Free Cigarettes online actually legal?

Yes, it is. Additionally, all the items we sell are genuine, trademarked, and straight from the manufacturer. We follow all international postal regulations and standards, and only sell to buyers over 18-21 years of age (depending upon the state).

What are the minimum or maximum limits on Duty Free Cigarettes purchases?

There are no minimum or maximum purchase amounts. It is important to know the customs regulations in your country, as there may be additional customs taxes.

Is it legal to send perfumes by international post?

Yes, though one must keep in mind that when shipping fragrances and cosmetics by post, international standards of size and weight must be followed.

What are the payment options available to buy Duty Free Cigarettes?

You can pay using all major credit cards; E-Check; and bank wire transfers.

What’s the policy regarding charge backs?

We do not accept charge backs. Should there be a problem, we will send a refund or reship the order. A customer who threatens to charge back will be banned from making future purchases on the site. We will also provide their credit card information to processing agencies.

Cigarettes CigarettesCigarettes Cigarettes 

Cigarettes CigarettesCigarettes CigarettesCigarettes CigarettesCigarettes CigarettesCigarettes Cigarettes


Is it possible to follow my order status?

Yes, of course. Once your order is completed, we send a confirmation e-mail which provides you with a tracking number.

How do I know what the shipment and delivery costs are?

We figure the shipping and delivery into your total charges. Our duty free products are shipped FREE of charge.

What method of shipment is used?

All items are shipped via registered mail, and you must sign upon delivery.